ViBGYOR National Curtain Raiser in Bangalore

Though the annual ViBGYOR Film Festival is held at Thrissur in Kerala, we have incorporated mini film festivals across India as curtain raisers to the Annual Festival or as touring festivals after the event. On January 18-19, we are organizing the National ViBGYOR curtain raiser Film Festival in Bangalore as the forerunner to a few more curtain raiser events we have planned in different parts of Kerala. There are two venues for the Bangalore Festival: the United Theological College, Miller Road and the Students’ Christian Movement Centre on the Mission Road. Partner organizers of the ViBGYOR Collective based in Banglore, like The Other Media, SICHREM, Environment Support Group (ESG) and Visthar will take the lead in organizing the Bangalore event, which will flag off with the premiere of the film on Kasmir Yi as akh padshah bai (There was a Queen), produced by The Other Media. This will be followed by a few short and documentary films entered at ViBGYOR-08 as highlights and also selected films from ViBGYOR-07.
For details, contact: K.C.Santhosh, Joint Director, ViBGYOR 0-944659991