Energy Conference: Programe Schedule

Date: 2008 January 24,
Time: 10am-5pm
Place: Bank Employees Association Hall, Pulimoodu Jn.Thiruvananthapuram

At a time when struggles against nuclear power plants, large dams and super thermal plants are becoming more and more common in the developing world, the need to discuss problems related to energy is becoming more and more grave. An understanding of the implications of choice of any form of energy is a political choice which has to be implemented with concern and understanding of its impact on communities, environment as well as future generations.

ViBGYOR Film Collective organizes a National Conference on ENERGY at Bank Employees' Association Hall, Pulimood Junction on January 24 from 10am-5pm, as a curtain raiser to the Mazhavilmela-ViBGYOR International Film Festival (Thrissur, February 13-17), which has chosen ENERGY as the Focus theme of the year 2008.

Presentations & Representations:

Sandeep Pandey
Dr. Sathish Santh (Prayas, Pune)
Major Gen. Sudhir Vombadkare (Mysore)
Dr. Udayakumar (Koodamkulam)
Dr. RVG Menon
Dr. V.T. Padmanabhan
Dr. Latha (Chalakudy River Protection Committee)

People's Movements representatives from: Koodamkulam, Athirappilly (Chalakudy), Peringom and Kerala Swathantra matsya Thozhilali Federation, Thiruvanthapuram

organized by:

ViBGYOR Film Collective
in association with
CNDP, Chilla, Equations, KMSTF, Chetana Media Institute, NOTTAM Traveling Festival, Global Alternate Information Applications (GAIA), Centre for Social Education (CenSE), Visual Search, Moving Republic, SICHREM, The Other Media Communications, INSAF, Sangama, Abhivyakti, Visthar, Environment Support Group (ESG), NESA, National Adivasi Andolan, Focus on Global South, Vikas Adyayan Kendra (VAK), Orissa Development Action Forum (ODAF), Drishti and People’s Watch