Kerala Spectrum -Jury report and Awards

The present context does not support in any way the notion that the Kerala society is seriously vigilant about the macro/micro movements in the fields of documentary and short films. It adds to the misgiving whether the Malayali community fails to respond sincerely to the new and changing world. The possibilities of facing the complex issues and complicated realities of the Kerala society as an ethno-linguistic community is made all the more problematic due to this.

In this context, we viewed the films in the competition section named as Kerala Spectrum under vibgyor international film festival. 16mm, memories, movement and a machine directed by K R Manoj was selected for the award of best documentary narrating Kerala on the basis of the transition of the sensibility. It explores the period of the 1970s’ film society movement through the incidental historic memories and the perspectives of the future.

Mannu pilarnnu poya maram directed by M Sabareesh excellently describes Kerala from a natural perspective was selected as best documentary under that category. Placing Palm tree as the focal point, the film tries to combine the Kerala culture, ecology, modernity, poetry and novel. Avvabi a positive storydirected by K B Venu tries to present the positive attempts of survival of an HIV positive woman was adjudged special mention by jury.

Kadaltheerathu directed by Sherry was awarded as the best short fiction, as it attempts to present a heart rending version of O V Vijayan’s famous short story of the same title. S Sunil was awarded as the best director for the film Kaliyorukkam for completing the project with the assistance of Kannapuram Grama Panchayath of Kannur District. The film is captivating with the performance of the artists and the healthy presentation, along with the Kannurian dialect. My heart is on my left directed by Sunil Sukhada, Peace Process directed by Harshad P K got special mention for the experimentations in narration.