Film Package

ViBGYOR Package with seven themes is the main attraction at ViBGYOR. The themes are:`Indegenous People', `Dalit Reality', `Gender & Sexuality', `Fundamentalism v/s Diversity', `Nation State', `Globalization' and Region focus (`Eastern India’). Seven films each from the seven sections will be screened.

Focus of the Year: `ENERGY’ will be the Focus of this year. With Water, Earth and other elements, Energy forms part of the source of life on this planet. But the greed of a few for never ending development which is based on the consumption of huge amount of man-made energy in the name of poor and deprived has taken the life on this planet to extinction. Environmental destruction which includes almost all the disasters now the Earth is facing, is the evidence of it. Destruction of forests, rivers and lands, climate change, all forms of waste, extinction of flora and fauna and destitution of people all over the world are now more and more evident. But there are possibilities of alternate forms of energy and development which are life enhancing. We need to focus on these alternatives at the earliest.

This year ViBGYOR takes a dig into this issue in order to foreground the concerns of the ‘ENERGY’ debate not just in seminars and discussions but by showcasing internationally popular and relevant films on this topic. Scientists, practitioners, activists and movements representing these issues will be invited.

Global Concerns: Fourteen Short and documentary films based on `Human Rights’, `Health & HIV/AIDS’, `Migration’ and other significant themes produced in contemporary times will be screened.

Kerala Spectrum: This year we will have a Competition Section under this category. Films by young filmmakers from Kerala can compete in this section, which will focus on issues and people in the state. This will be an incentive and opportunity to the filmmakers of Kerala to express their creativity and concern for the society.

Retrospectives: As part of honoring the filmmakers who have made great contributions to the short and documentary filmmaking, fifteen films by three great filmmakers will be screened in this section.

Animation, Music Videos and Spots: Both national and international entries will be selected, keeping in mind the general theme of ViBGYOR.

Open Forum: On all three days Open Forum will be held on topics related to filmmaking and social issues in which special guests from film, academic and activist circles will be invited as panelists.

Media Exhibition: Documentary filmmakers will have an opportunity to interact with various film distributing ventures in the country. Also NGOs in South India can acquire films for their programs at this festival market.