Global Concerns package

Global Concerns

Human Rights Theme package declares the significance of a critical perspective that is to be constantly vigilant in the wake of aggression that has become one of the most desirable qualities at the individual and more so at the corporate level. Films shown take up issues that are typical and relevant to our times and indicates the possibilities of resistance and corrective measures and consciousness raising activities that are to be initiated and organized on a global scale to realize and check the proliferation of new categories of victimization and consequently victims.

Health & HIV/AIDS

These films propose to look at the changing notions of health, global burden of healthcare, the hegemony of medical practices and the socio-cultural implications of sickness (HIV and AIDS). Social ostracization and the vicissitudes to achieve optimum result in the management of HIV/AIDS which are region specific receive deserving attention They also address (issues of risk stratification and the public response to it, sexual behaviour,) the changing profiles of AIDS patients, the challenges and hopes and the need to be constantly receptive to new threats without turning alarmist.


This package is a probe into the psycho-social implications of migration. Documenting various manifestations of migration, these films raise questions of assimilation, of transitional identities, the nature and scope of culture shock, victimization, and social economic factors, and the nostalgia that results consequently among the diaspora.