ViBGYOR Package

Gender and Sexuality

The films in this section look at the construction of gender and the power relations that are inscribed within it and the questions of insidious prescriptions and proscriptions that are constantly at work in the fabrications of gender dominance and differentiation. The package offers a critique of the essentialist underpinnings that are operational in the world at large and suggests new directions of change without being propagandist. These films attempt to explore visual culture and sexuality in refreshing ways, aiming at the possibility of renaming and reclaiming the body, problematizing the stereotyping of sexual codes, and normative roles.

Dalit Reality

Dalit Reality package is an endeavor to understand the mechanics of hierarchies that are firmly held in place by centuries of historical, social and religious conditionings that are highly recalcitrant to change. The package is a modest attempt to mark out the myths that continue to prevail and to formulate strategies of resistance which will accelerate the explosion of myths and the negative images which stand in the way of the empowerment of Dalits and consequently underscore the validity of Dalit experience and to counter the aggressions that are escalating with unprecedented intensity.

Indigenous People

This package maps the terrain of displacement and other challenges to the indigenous people and cultures, as an exercise to read the history of civilization, which is simultaneously a history of violence and bloodshed. It is also an attempt to be introspective, to understand the positioning of the tribals and similar populations on the margins of life and the rationalizations that have gone into such positioning. Films screened in this section raise concerns of the vanishing ways of life and of worldviews, all discarded under the mad rush for territorial acquisition and justified in the name of development.

Fundamentalism versus Diversity

The dialectics of fundamentalism, the regimentalization, the formation and consolidation of identities, organized religion, sanctioned and sanctified programs of violence and questions of betrayal that are at work in the formation of fundamentalism are the issues discussed in the films in this section. The imposition of normative behavior and responses, questions of diversity and of tolerance and crises and historical contingencies are addressed by the filmmakers in their works.

Nation State

An interesting journey into the questions of geographical notions, the mechanisms of power, strategies of containment, the control of masses and perpetuation of nationality often considered infallible, the intrusion into private spaces and the interiorisation of civilized responses. This ViBGYOR theme underscores the need to counter invasions into the integrity of the individual and the demand for a awareness of the dulling of reactions that are put across as laudable as part of normalizing lives here as elsewhere.


The focus is on the crushing power of the global corporate forces that trample upon the rights and resources of local peoples, and how the fight between unequal powers has consequences that we have seldom bothered to acknowledge. The myriad faces of globalization result in battles that are depressingly predictable. The package also attempts to identify models of resistance that are springing up and gauge the complicity of a vast majority of people in this inhuman and imbalanced exercise of power.

Region Focus: Eastern India

Eastern India is the Region Focus at ViBGYOR-08. The package looks at the need for change and the enormity of the insularity that this region has often been fated to bear or has been purposefully imposed on it. The feudal conditions, rural reality, the culture specificity and the contours of life in Eastern India receive an incisive and elaborate treatment in the films chosen as representatives.